About Us

"CICORD" Courses of Implantology and Oral Surgery
in the Dominican Republic

It is formed by a group of professionals with enthusiasm for transmitting their experience and knowledge through the delivery of Training Courses in the Dental Area, especially in Implantology and Oral Surgery with different levels of instruction according to the knowledge of the student.

Dentistry professionals are offered a high-level teaching plan based on clinical excellence through practice.

They use methods, instrumental and devices for the different techniques that are of great utility in the daily practice that will have later in their clinics.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn and share the latest techniques in the areas of Implantology and Oral Surgery that the latest generation of devices offer us, making the course, eminently practical, in real patients.

The content of the Courses seeks to provide a correct skill in the daily practice of the dentist, by developing surgeries with patients in addition to assisting his partner.

The program is divided into three levels of Basic, Medium and Advanced difficulty according to the degree of training and experience of the enrollee.

The cases are planned with a thorough diagnosis with orthopantomographies, or even in some more complex cases with CT, and palpation of the areas to be operated.

Other essential parameters are the knowledge of bone biology, soft tissues and basic biomechanical notions of possible solutions offered by prosthetic components.