Frequently asked questions


Initial Travel Information

Before departure will be well explained the travel, flights, accommodation, recommendations for the country, clinics, treatments to be performed, etc.

About the documentation
What documentation is needed?

It is important the documentation that accredits the aptitude of each one for the course in which it is registered.

  • Title of Dentistry.
  • Collegiate card.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity.
About the Accommodation

CICORD will look for the best accommodation in flats or hotels near the city Course Clinics. Therefore we´ll get best price and everyday transportation will be quicker and easier.

Recommendation. The flight and accommodation should be the same to facilitate travel and shuttle transport to our accommodation from the airport and back.

Important details
  • You should wear your pajamas, robe and clogs.
  • You should advise of their hand size to prepare the gloves.
  • A group excursion will be organized on Sunday of arrival not included.
  • There are special conditions of financing. Please ask details if interested.
  • Places are limited to cabinets and clinics arranged.
  • The deadline for registration is one month before the course.
  • The € 1,000 delivered as a signal will only be returned if the Course is waived before 1 month prior to departure.
About the inscription

The sending of the Registration Form does not imply its automatic acceptance to the Course, but this will be activated at the moment in which CICORD confirms to the interested party the enrollment in the Course by means of which the collection of the corresponding amount becomes effective.

What is included in the price?

In the price of your registration is included:


  • Lunch, food, soft drinks, coffee, etc. the days in the Clinics.
  • Transportation Airport – Hotel – Airport if you fly with the group.
  • The daily transport of accommodation to Clinic and return.
  • Until a number of implants placed per Course.
  • The necessary materials and fungibles, sterile or not.
  • The surgical and implantology boxes for each cabinet.
  • In Advanced Course the necessary machinery and materials.
What is NOT included in the price?

In the price of your registration is NOT included:

  • The flight.
  • The extra implants you should place will be paid at 100 € / unit.
  • The extra biomaterials and products used in your surgeries.
  • Sunday´s excursion.
  • Breakfast and other meals not mentioned above.
On the Clinics
  • Clinics have the necessary equipment and auxiliary staff.
  • At each clinic, 2 students attend a cabinet and take turns attending.
  • A Diploma of attendance and participation will be delivered.
In which city do the courses take place?

We have relations with several clinics of the Capital, Santiago de los Caballeros and Higuey. Depending on the number of students and the therapeutic needs of each course, as well as the patients that are offered by clinics, we go to one or the other.

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